Said the Gramophone - image by Daria Tessler
by Mitz

(photo by Coey Kerr)

Cadence Weapon - "My Crew(Woooo)" [Buy]

I've lived here in Montreal for over 10 years now.

I just want to ask people live in different cities about certain things happen/see here.

In your city/town, wherever you are, Do you see people commuting on unicycle? I often see that here.

Do you see people really into medieval things? I see that often.

How are the potholes in your city? Are they size of 18" Extra Large Pizza and can easily bathe small children?

Do you see racoon family eating poutine spilled on the ground late at night and when you take pictures with a flash, their eyes glow and look really awesome?

I've seen more things but the rest, I'll tell you another day.

Here is a video for this song.

by Jeff

The New Year - "Mayday" [bandcamp / buy LP]

Why are all the days on the calendar represented as squares? Neatly stacked in rows uniformly like bricks in a wall. Some days feel as though they should be shaped like stars or dark clouds. Some are fireworks displays, others are kitten paws or ocean waves. Dodecahedrons and spheres. In their defence, the calendar makers of the world don't know which ones will be the many-sided days that give our lives meaning, so they pretend that time is evenly distributed, that all days take up the same amount of space. But the calendars hanging in our minds are triangular and bouncy; textured and uneven, some days stay and others disappear. Each calendar is different. All they know for sure are the holidays and the transits of the moon.

With their calendrical name The New Year feel as though they should be marking out the even beat of days, square after square. But these are indie rock songs of the olde style (feat. members of Bedhead) and just like much of the quiet end of the late nineties, on repeated listening they reveal their spatial complexity. Their new LP Snow captures days of many shapes. It is an emotional calendar filled with desolation and hope, desire and skepticism, explored with a plain-spoken honesty that is deeply resonant.

by Jeff

pile of fox kits lying in the sun

Richard Thompson - "Foxes" [buy]

I saw a clutch of wild baby foxes in a secret location last week. Four of them. They were lying together in a pile in the sun by the entryway to their den. Taking pleasure in each other's closeness and the warm weather. They were probably born on a cold day, when the sky was slate and pouring down rain. Young kits, life has only improved in their short time here. While the world comes alive all around them there is time to lie, drowsy in the afternoon sun.

I wondered where they came from. How did they get there? But they might have asked me the same question, and I certainly wouldn't have had an answer for them. Instead we just looked at each other. Them only a second at me, me a long stretch of time at them. All we could do was acknowledge that here we were, breathing the same air, a brief encounter on our respective adventures.
I've loved Richard Thompson's soundtrack to Grizzly Man since it came out years ago and couldn't resist this opportunity to post the fox theme. The whole album is full of Thompson's inimitable folky guitar and the songs shimmer with light.

(photo by Spike)

by Mitz

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Couleur Dessin - "Find Me Easily" [Pre-Order]

I made T.B.A(Tomato Bacon Avocado) sandwich. Recipe to be announced soon.

by Jeff

wispy clouds in the sky

Milk Music - "Crying Wand" [buy]

The Dinosaur Jr-shaken-with-Pop-Rocks sound of Milk Music's hugely-fun debut EP is gone, but the fuzzy riffs and lyrical guitar solos that replace them on their new LP, Mystic 100's, are hypnotic. The band have stretched out, writing longer songs about environmental despoliation and the psychic warfare of late capitalism, melding the dark heart of punk and sage cowboy philosophers with the tie-dyed spirit of psychedelia.

"Crying Wand" evokes a dried-out desert viewed from the window of an old school bus full of hippies, and throughout, Mystic 100's brings to mind a series of landscapes. Over the album's runtime the band sonically describe the majesty and desolation of their world. It's a spaced-out land bordering on the Meat Puppets' arid realm, the old west of Neil Young's Dead Man soundtrack, and the liminal space Homer ventures through after eating the insanity pepper.

by Emma

GoldLink - "Meditation"

Smooth as a sweet springtime panic attack, fresh as a first bike ride on old pumped-up tires, free as it feels to pass an open window, be passed in turn by last year's favourite song, half-measures. Slick as a breath in played backwards, dark as a club dark, sound as a house party, sweet as a party you're leaving but not yet, not quite.

[Buy At What Cost]

by Mitz
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Sylvain Sylvain - "Cant Forget Tomorrow" [Buy]

Almost ice cream season! my favorite ice cream place in Montreal, Kem Coba is opening soon!(Im not sponsored by them nor by Blue Apron) I just love that place.

Can't wait for summmer!