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January 5, 2018

Call Me Sometime

Tyler, The Creator - "911/Mr. Lonely"
Tyler, The Creator - "See You Again"

Spend enough time alone, this is how your inner landscape starts to sound. Lush, technicolour, cartoon-rounded at the edges, larger than life and then larger again. All this space for you to echo, double back and sing together, in a chorus, in a round. Spend enough time alone and you won't ever sound like anyone else - which a curse, or a blessing, or something else entirely. That's why the best way to listen to these songs is by yourself: in headphones, loud, walking solo through the city, cutting through crowds. Half-buoyed by something bright and imaginary, half weighed down by a mountain of tiny details, the kind that add up. Spend enough time alone, you get to know what romance really means.

[Buy Flower Boy]

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January 4, 2018


Naoto Kawate - "Lakeside Song" [Bandcamp]

Happy new year to everyone!

I had a relaxing time in country side with my girlfriend's family.

on the way back, at the Toronto bus terminal. She was sitting far away from me and I stood up to go to the bathroom soshe did some hand gestures of "where you going?" since the bus was probably departing soon.

So I had to do the handgesture of "Im going to poo." but it was really hard. Slightly bending over and making something coming out from my ass gesture while try not to embarrass myself while she is laughing faraway from me but somehow I succeed it because that is what I did before I learned to speak(im really good at charade)

victory shit right there.
happy new year!

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