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February 20, 2020


Born at Midnite - Born At Midnite (Every Time)".

A song like a spilled drink - a fancy, cut-glass goblet elbowed off the patio table and crash onto stones, ice and fluid and tiny green shards. You can still taste it, taste the drink you've spilled. It's sweet and acrid, like kissing a trickster or a con-woman, someone who you know is conning you (it's clear from her eyes), yet you allow her to do so. She really needs the money. Your spilled drink doesn't stop the party - it just slows it down, decreases the BPM, then b-b-b-back to where it was, a poolside barbecue that's only as reliable as its guests (and its guests are gradually getting blitzed).

Born at Midnite are a band from Montreal and this is their title song - it's their window display, their customer demo, spinning in spotlight on a janky lazy susan. Buy it now.

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